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Home Security Tips

In addition to a home security system, you should follow these great tips to ensure your family's safety.

  • A solid deadbolt on all exterior doors is essential. The majority of home invasions occur through the doors, and a solid deadbolt will deter a roving burglar.
  • Cut the (usually) red cord on your garage door opener. It should be hanging from the motor mechanism. Burglars will break a window pane in the garage door or side door and use a hook to pull the cord and enter your home. Cutting the cord makes it nearly impossible to grab, but still useable by family members in an emergency.
  • Motion activated lights around the perimeter of your home is a great way to deter prowlers. They are inexpensive and easily installed.
  • Don't leave spare keys hidden in the yard - burglars will find them. Instead, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor.
  • Storing ladders outside the home is an easy way to give burglars access to your second story windows. Make sure they are stored in the garage, or, if there is not room, use a chain and padlock to secure them to the outside of the house. This will also prevent them from being stolen.
  • When answering the door, or even the phone, make sure to never indicate that you are alone. Instruct your children to say, "I'm sorry they are not available right now. Can I give them a message?"
  • Install a peep-hole viewer in your front door.
  • Do not leave a purse, wallet or keys on a surface that is visible from a window - that will always lure a prowler into your house.
  • Never leave a note on your door stating you'll be right back.